Friends of Austin Neighborhoods

Our Goals

Everyone lives in a neighborhood.


Our neighborhoods should be inclusive and friendly, welcome new residents, encourage participation by the full diversity of neighborhood stakeholders, and offer a diverse, abundant, and affordable choice of housing options.


The community needs a neighborhoods-based voice that is inclusive, innovative, and supportive of neighborhood improvement rather than the unsustainable status quo.


A diverse array of housing options not currently available are compatible with existing neighborhoods, can help make our city affordable, and can contribute to the vitality of our neighborhoods.


Austin neighborhoods must continually evolve with the changing needs of the City, and we recognize such natural change presents opportunities to improve our neighborhoods. Accordingly, we support the kinds of changes that will enhance the affordability, inclusivity, connectivity, mobility, and quality of life in our neighborhoods.

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Everyone lives in a neighborhood.
Welcoming all of the diverse voices in Austin

We’re the voice of inclusive neighborhoods in Austin, welcoming abundant and diverse housing and residents of all socio-economic backgrounds. Recognizing that we all live in neighborhoods, we strive to provide broader and more effective neighborhood representation for the people of Austin.

We welcome everyone as members. Your neighborhood association can become a member. If your neighborhood association is not a member, or you don’t feel your neighborhood association represents your values, you can become an at large member. We can even help you create a new neighborhood association in your neighborhood. All we ask is that you enthusiastically support the FAN vision.

Members of FAN work with each other to share ideas and best practices for improving neighborhoods, keep themselves informed about city policies, take positions to influence policies that affect our neighborhoods, and organize social events that all members can enjoy.

  • Inclusive
  • Representative
  • Affordability
  • Shaping Change

Board Members

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Roger Cauvin

ROGER CAUVIN is an independent technology consultant and product strategist, blogger, downtown Austin dweller and creator of the Dadnab transit app service. He lives in Downtown Austin.
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Alysha Haggerton

ALYSHA HAGGERTON is a market finance consultant at Humana
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Kristen Fox

KRISTEN FOX is an Architectural Designer at McKinney York Architects and an artist. She is a resident of the Jamestown neighborhood in North Austin.,
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Frank Harren

FRANK HARREN has devoted his passion and energy to advocating for sustainable growth in Austin and is a member of the State Bar of Texas and a broker associate with Coldwell Banker United Realtors dealing in residential and commercial properties in central and west Austin. He lives in Downtown Austin.
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Natalie Gauldin

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Ricky Hennessy

RICKY HENNESSY is a data scientist at frog with a PhD in biomedical engineering from UT Austin, a SXSW innovation award winner, and a founding member of the Friends of Hyde Park neighborhood association.
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Pete Gilcrease

Interim Secretary
PETE GILCREASE is a founding member of the neighborhood association Friends of Hyde Park and former Chairman of the Hyde Park Contact Team.

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