Friends of Austin Neighborhoods

Our Goals

Everyone lives in a neighborhood.


We believe our neighborhoods should be inclusive and friendly, welcome new residents from all socioeconomic backgrounds, and offer a diverse, abundant, and affordable choice of housing options.


We embrace opportunities for neighborhood and citywide improvement over protectionism and the unsustainable status quo.


Through online voting and open and transparent discussion, we encourage participation by the full diversity of neighborhood stakeholders.

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Everyone lives in a neighborhood.
Welcoming all of the diverse voices in Austin

We’re the voice of inclusive neighborhoods in Austin, welcoming abundant and diverse housing and residents of all socio-economic backgrounds. Recognizing that we all live in neighborhoods, we strive to provide broader and more effective neighborhood representation for the people of Austin.

We welcome everyone as members. Your neighborhood association can become a member, and we also welcome individual members. We can even help you create a new neighborhood association in your neighborhood. All we ask is that you enthusiastically support the FAN vision.

Members of FAN work with each other to share ideas and best practices for improving neighborhoods, keep themselves informed about city policies, take positions to influence policies that affect our neighborhoods, and organize social events that all members can enjoy.

Board Members

Nathan Ryan

President Emeritus

Roger L. Cauvin

ROGER L. CAUVIN is technology product manager and strategist, blogger, downtown Austin dweller and creator of the Dadnab transit app service. He lives in Downtown Austin.

Chris “Kaz” Wojtewicz


Frank Harren

FRANK HARREN has devoted his passion and energy to advocating for sustainable growth. He is a member of the State Bar of Texas and broker associate with Coldwell Banker United Realtors. He lives in Downtown Austin.

Felicity Maxwell


Josiah Stevenson

I want to help FAN become the pro-housing turnout machine Austin desperately needs, increase coordination and cooperation with AURA and other allied groups, and build as much capacity as possible to flip Council seats in 2018 and 2020. I think we need to focus: focus on the policy goals we care about and focus on the things that need to be done to advance them that play to our existing strengths. Goals: we need to be obsessed with inclusive policy (denser land use, better transit) and also promote inclusive forms of representation. Both are good things, of course, but they’re different, and sometimes it’s easy to be obsessed with good process and secondarily concerned with being effective at advocating for good policy. Let’s bring the policy vision to the forefront: we are first and foremost neighbors who want more neighbors (and we also happen to vote online so more neighbors can participate), not first and foremost neighbors who vote online so folks can participate (and also happen to want more neighbors). Means: we have an organizational structure that is more conducive to turning people out than any allied organization in Austin right now. We should focus as much as possible at strengthening that capacity. What can we do to increase the number of people we can get to City Hall to be heard about an issue? What can we do to increase the number of people we can have volunteering for the next Gauldin so that we can get them across the finish line in 2018, 2020, and 2022? These questions, and their answers, need to be our focus. Along the way, we should work more closely with AURA and other allied organizations to coordinate, cooperate, and specialize in what we’re good at. FAN is part of a broad movement of organizations and individuals that want to see more neighbors and more access. We should think (and talk, and maybe debate) more about that bigger picture, how we fit into it, and most importantly how we can be as effective as possible advocating for our shared goals as part of that ecosystem. I joined the AURA board several weeks ago and currently chair that organization’s CodeNEXT working group. I hope to use that to facilitate more dialogue and more cooperation between AURA and FAN to maximize our overall impact. Biographicals: By day, I help manage investments for the Teacher Retirement System of Texas. I came to Austin five years ago for grad school in economics at UT, where my wife is finishing up pharmacy school. We live in the Triangle area with our cat, Niles Crane, who is every bit as snobbish as his TV namesake. I’m “josiahstevenson” on Twitter, Facebook, and at Gmail if you have any questions.

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