April 24, 2015


Friends of Austin Neighborhoods (FAN) – Vision

We believe:

  1. Austin is a community that we love, with neighborhoods in which we take great pride, however:
  2. In recent years Austin neighborhoods have become increasingly unaffordable, suffer from impaired mobility, and are economically segregated; and
  3. All residents in Austin live in neighborhoods but don’t necessarily have advocacy organizations that represent them or their views; and
  4. The community needs a neighborhoods-based voice that is inclusive, innovative, and supportive of neighborhood improvement rather than the unsustainable status quo; and
  5. A neighborhood voice is best structured around individual city council districts.

ACCORDINGLY, we invite all neighborhood organizations, existing or yet-to-be formed, to join us in supporting and advocating for these principles and goals:

  1. Our neighborhoods should be inclusive and friendly, welcome new residents, encourage participation by the full diversity of neighborhood stakeholders, and offer a diverse, abundant, and affordable choice of housing options.
  2. Our neighborhoods can be complete communities, with families and people of all ages and socio-economic backgrounds, and with a variety of employment, goods, services, and transit accessible to all residents.
  3. A diverse array of housing options not currently available are compatible with existing neighborhoods, can help make our city affordable, and can contribute to the vitality of our neighborhoods.
  4. In addition to addressing the unique goals of our individual neighborhoods, we as citizens must never place the needs of individual neighborhoods above those of the city-wide community.
  5. Austin neighborhoods must continually evolve with the changing needs of the City, and we recognize such natural change presents opportunities to improve our neighborhoods.  Accordingly, we support the kinds of changes that will enhance the affordability, inclusivity, connectivity, mobility, and quality of life in our neighborhoods.

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