2 thoughts on “FAN January 2017 Newsletter

  • I love it! A history of a neighborhood that Matt Armstrong has lived in for less number of years than I have on one hand (and I am missing on finger on that hand) which purports to know all about the background, motivation and events that he never participated in, including meetings he never attended but knows exactly what happened at. I guess he is able to time travel to those events…. or maybe he is just another Trump who just creates an “alternative truth” to make the points he wants people to believe. I would vet my contributors better if I were you before I printed his “opinions”! You have lost any credibility with me for printing this garbage (not the first time I have seen his “articles” that are full of half truths and outright lies and exaggerations to make him look the hero and put him in the spotlight. Hummm another Trumpism, I guess.)

  • I see my comment is awaiting “moderation” – I suppose that it will not see the light of day given that it is critical of one of your own (even it it is the truth). And even though you are soooo inclusive and want to hear from all residents of Austin.

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