FAN Supports Small Lot Amnesty

Friends of Austin Neighborhoods members voted and overwhelmingly passed the following resolution regarding small lot amnesty. An email/letter will be sent to the city council letting them know our position. In order to vote on these issues in the future and become a member of FAN, please visit the link here: http://www.atxfriends.org/join/

More information can be found about small lot amnesty at the following link.


Small lot amnesty is an infill tool that some neighborhoods opted into that allows homeowners to use their original lot sizes for their homes. Small lot amnesty allows for more diversity in our neighborhoods, helps address affordability, and provides more housing options by allowing some homes on smaller lots.

City of Austin staff now proposes that if a single owner ever built a home or fenced a property on multiple lots; that those multiple lots can never again exist independently with individual homes or be “disaggregated.” FAN does not support this change.

Imagine Austin calls for smaller lots in Austin and FAN believes that neighborhoods should be allowed to keep this important infill tool.




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